Heat and cramps and shoes...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Can you believe how hot the weather has been for the last three days?!?! I complained to Ane on Thursday about it and didn't bring it up again. Until we stayed home all day yesterday, and the heat just really got me! I attributed the feeling to being pregnant but Ane said it was really hot.

I had a hard time sleeping last night because of the heat too. I laid myself on our bed and felt the heat from the mattress, as if someone had heated the sheets with body warmth (shucks, I hate that!). It wasn't a restful night.

And then I woke up around seven in the morning with a left leg cramp. I had to wake Ane to give me an impromptu massage. Man, it was painful, I had to stifle screams. And then the same thing happened to my right leg around 10am. Maybe I should start doing leg and feet exercises from now on, eh?

Speaking of feet, I've always been a snickers-and-flipflops type of girl (I wear heels only when there's an event that calls for it) . Now that I'm pregnant, I'm thinking of getting at least a pair of shoes (something else, yeah!?) that is ultra-comfy for the shopping errands we'll do in the next few weeks *wink*. Oh, that also means exercise for me, LOL! Anyway, I saw this Dansko pair online and it looks perfect, don't you think? Something like this, I think, will withstand long hours walking in the mall! I'll probably look for something similar locally because the shipping alone will take time.

But then again, I'll need Ane's permission to buy a pair of shoes before I blab about it here, huh? :)


Anonymous said...

I really really want those shoes