Online Business

Saturday, October 04, 2008

A lot of entrepreneurs here in Manila are young and basically does retail business as a hobby. Most of them does business online, as it is more cost efficient (think savings on space rentals). Although one must really invest first on building credentials and trust among online buyers. One of them online entrepreneurs is my brother. He decided to sell things that he is passionate about -- games. He's pretty much serious about this that he even signed up to his own ecommerce merchant account. He commissioned a designer to build his website and even went out of his way to contact banks which can provide him with a credit card payment system. I can say he's doing pretty well and is expanding really fast. I'm even prouder that he's able to widen his network (you won't believe the kind of people he now deals with!)

Visit Ysidro's Gamecore :) I did some of his site banners and I also help him with the merchandising stuff :)

Again, we'll be at the Anicon '08 in Megamall the whole day tomorrow to give out fliers. You might wanna drop by too!