Sale Season...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's weekend sale at the two malls in Ortigas (and we're missing it!). And the Big Black Friday Sale in the US is coming up really soon. I would have wanted to return to the US this year just to experience the biggest sale of the year, but the plan got scrapped out because I got pregnant (oh well, as if we had the resources to travel, LOL!). Most people actually save up for this day (like Chris, Ane's friend who plan to get an HDTV!) and for my friend Jo who considers the day after Thanksgiving the biggest day of them all, hehe.

As for me, I'm thinking of getting a new point and shoot camera through my sister but I'm having second thoughts. Maybe I should just get baby stuff for Dot, eh? Decisions, decisions!

It's hard to make decisions when moolah is in question, LOL!