Credit, credit, credit!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our phone line (and broadband connection!) went conkers this morning while Ane and I were surfing the net. Of course we were wondering what went wrong. While discussing, my FIL went up to ask us the same question. We share the phone line with them. He sounded so upset and I was like, why did he need to make a big deal out of the situation when we have nothing to do with the lost connection, eh? Turned out he was talking to a customer service representative of a credit card company when the line went dead and the dialtone didn't return right away.

My FIL was discussing a credit dispute on his bill. He is never late on his payments and it concerns him that the company is charging him for something he does not owe. He demanded that the company do something about it and offer him credit repair. Afterall, he only uses his credit card to improve credit score -- and more often than not, the use of the card is for official purchases that his company reimburses. I am sure my FIL will do his best to clear his name.

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