Week 22 check-up and update

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I had my monthly check-up with the OB last week. I had to take a cab going to the clinic since Ane's sched was changed due to training. I asked to be the last one to be attended because I wanted Hubs to be there with me :) He came just before 4pm.

Well, I gained 5lbs since my last visit! That's something good :) Doc A said I can still gain more since I have a small frame, hehe. She commended me for being good and commended Ane more for watching what I eat, teehee. My belly is bigger based on the fundal height measurement. And best of all, I've got no more contractions, yayayayyy!!! We discussed about taking Anmum (which was included in the BFAD list of possibly melamine-contaminated products) and she said there's no concrete proof that it's true so I can continue drinking it. It's good that BFAD removed the brand from the list two days after. The distributor insisted their products come from New Zealand and not China. My body has adjusted to the milk intake, although I still have soft stool (eewww too much info!) heheh.

Dot's heartbeat is still at 144bpm and is within the average size. We failed to check the gender because the baby moved a lot too much! Doc A asked if I can feel the movement, but after the 3-kick incident last week, the movements went back to light tapping. Doc A said it's because there's lotsa water in the placenta :) The congenital anomaly scan is scheduled on October 15 and I just hope that Dot will be more cooperative :)

After the check-up, Ane allowed me to reward myself with all things "bawal": french fries, sprite, ice cream and junk food. Hehe.

'Til my next OB update! :)