He is overweight :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hubby that is. His annual physical exam confirmed it (although we don't need the reminding mwehehe). He gained weight during our two-month vacation last year and never got around to losing the excess pounds. Now he complains that he cannot control his diet since he eats with preggy me and he eats whatever I cannot finish (guilty knowing that a lot of people have nothing to eat on this side of the world).

Last Sunday, I met with my two guy friends, Edsel and Roderick for lunch at Gateway (Edsel was on a quick trip to Manila from Singapore -- 4 days!!-- to fix some wedding stuff). Hubby didn't join us since my brothers were with us and he opted to stroll with them, but they still saw each other when they "turned me over" to Hubby. This afternoon, I was chatting with Edsel and he noticed the weight gained by Hubby.

Oh well, I guess he really needs to be serious on losing weight when I give birth in January. He needs to get back to playing his regular games and to watch his diet carefully. Let's see if he'll still need Ephedrasil Hardcore, a fat burner. But I hope not anymore ;)