Abi’s well-baby check-up.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Abi had her well-baby check-up last week, Thursday. She is now 4.3kilos and 56cm. Thank God she’s already gaining weight. She’s still below average when it comes to weight but at least she’s consistently gaining and is still within the average range.

Her pedia changed her milk from Nan HW 1 to just Nan 1 since he said Abi doesn’t need the special hypoallergenic milk anyway. And Nan 1 is cheaper, too by about p100, yey! We tried feeding Abi the new milk, but she refused it. So I alternated the two milks and now, she graciously drinks the new one. Good job, baby!

Abi also got her first shot of DPT-Polio and she was such a brave little girl. She cried a bit and stopped when Doctor Pedia tried to calm her down. Surely, doc has a way with kids! Doc also told us that her BCG shot is “alive”, which is a good thing.

Ok, more updates when Abi turns 3 months (wow, time flies!) on Thursday. For now, I gotta work. :)


Jhari said...

Nan was our first choice, pero laging nag susuka si Bb Julia for the 1st week. I change to Similac aka Gain pero ganun din. Now hiyang na siya sa S26 Gold. Turning 6 na siya by next month, so shifting na kami sa 2nd phase wohoo! Time flies so fast nga noh ate? Katangahan ko, ngayon ko lang napansin na may isang lata pa ng S26 si Julia eh magpapalit na nga pala kami ng gatas after a few weeks, huhu!