Search for Pacman fight tickets…

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday and Monday were spent looking for tickets for the Pacquiao-Hatton fight on Sunday, May 3. On Sunday, we trooped to Powerplant after the mass in MTQ. All the 6 theaters were already  full except for the front row. Of course they didn’t like that. Mom tried to pull some strings and called someone. She was asked to wait until the next day for some confirmation.

Yesterday, we were told no tickets were scored so Ry had to find another place. Abi and I tagged along to Promenade. Only three rows up front were available. That’s when we realized that they’re kinda late in buying tickets this time. Even World Music is full. Ry called Ticketnet and was informed that there were still a lot of seat available in Araneta Coliseum. So off we went to Gateway. Abi and I waited in Taco Bell while he bought tickets.

Finally, they have tickets. Only my parents and brothers are watching. And they got the tickets cheaper than Rockwell and Promenade, hehe. It would have been cheaper (but less exciting) if we watch it at home via pay per view, but we don’t have a digibox here yet.

I would love to watch with them but I can’t bring Abi to the theaters yet. I also missed the Dela Hoya fight because I was big with Abi then, I might go into preterm labor if I got too excited LOL. SO, we’re staying home again and I just might watch it via live streaming in the net hehe.


Beng said...

naalala nga kita kasi alam ko mahilig ka manood ng laban ni manny