Angel on Earth

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I had a long day yesterday (deserves another post) that I was offline before 11pm. But Abi still kept us up until after midnight, I don’t remember anymore what time she slept. All I remember is that I almost dozed off before her. Cranky baby in the house! I should probably keep her from napping if it’s already late in the afternoon!

So naturally, Abi and I woke up late this morning. And when I went online, there’s a message from an angel, Faye. Yes, miracles happen when one is asleep and thank God for those who look after me :) Thanks, mare! I wish to return the favor soon, pati kay Chi :)


Faye said...

you're welcome Mare :) I hope madami pang opps na ma grab :)

Kaje said...

heheheh thanks, thanks! :)