Lost phone

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My LBB lost his phone yesterday. We are just thankful that he lost it and never realized it until later on. See, a thief took it from his pocket (deep pocket, if I may add. The culprit was a pro!)while riding the MRT. Ane dropped him off at the Boni station, he felt that a man was too close to him and saw that man disembark at Guadalupe station. Yes it happened that fast! I had his line disconnected after about two hours (we wanted to make sure he didn’t leave it in Ane’s car and Ane was busy to check right away), and I sigh in relief that the person didn’t use his line to call abroad (I checked this afternoon).


We find it funny though that this happened when LBB wishes to have a new unit already. What great timing right? Only we don’t have a budget yet for that, LOL! We had his SIM replaced (one of the errands in GH) and he will have to make do with his low-end spare phone, for now. Hehe.


So you guys be careful when commuting. You’ll never know when these bast***ds will strike!


espan said...

Parang ako ang nadukutan... he...he..