Five must-haves when going out with Abi

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Litzie asks: As a Mom, What are the top 5 Things You Just Can’t Live Without When Going Out with Your Kid/s and why?

Since Abi is still a baby, the items are pretty much predictable :)
1. Feeding Bottles and Formula in dispenser

2. Diapers and extra sets of clothing

3. Alcohol or hand sanitizer, for the germphobe of a Mom that is me ;p

4. Baby wipes.

5. Her Baby Book and Health card in case of emergency.


Mai said...

yeeisss! ako din, laging dala ang maxicare card hehee!

Kaje said...

nako sa praning kong ito dapat lagi bitbit yun! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi kaje! Where did you bought your baby sling?

Kaje said...

hello anonymous (LOL!),

i bought it at rustan's :)