Love for books

Thursday, July 23, 2009

That’s what I want Abi to develop. I love books but my affair with them started later than some of my friends. My school textbooks where left unread unless I need to get answers for homework. Looking back, I know in my heart I should have read more. Ane and I decided we should expose Abi to books early on. Here is little Klaire “reading” one of her books:

reading I am so glad that at this stage, she already appreciates what she sees in books. She actually squeals in delight when the pages are turned. I also read to her stories and she listens and keeps still. Here’s a picture of her books:


There are only ten books, for now. Yes, we plan to by her more books and build her own small library :)


Beng said...

good start mare..naku baka 2yrs old pa lang pang 10yo na IQ nya c",)

Kaje said...

thanks, haha!

Jhari said...

Parang balerina si Abi sa first photo, haha!