She gets tired, too, you know? :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Remember this post?


Well, after lunch that day, I had some tasks I needed to do so I gave Abi her book again so she could “study” and entertain herself a bit. That’s what I’m happy about my Bubba. She’s a happy and easy child. Sure, she gets cranky but calms down right away when she’s hugged and carried. Then she will allow you to put her down again on the bed.


So, she was reading her book. And I could hear her humming and murmuring to herself. We were both happy campers when I noticed she suddenly got silent. I looked sideways and this is what I saw:


She fell asleep on her book, LOL!  Poor baby must have gotten tired from all that colors and words, hihi. This moment is precious. I live for moments like this. :)


Jhari said...

Awww...same with Julia t'Kaje. I will leave her inside her crib naman with her bottle. I can hear her far murmuring "dadadada... tatata... mamamamama... nenenene..." lahat na ata ng kamag-anak namin tinawag nya, then silence. Hayun bagsak narin pala, hehe!