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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I’ve been indoors too long that I only discovered this chocolate from Goya last Sunday. We stopped by a Caltex to buy Coke and I found a box of this near the counter. I so love Chocolate with Mint so I was glad Ane agreed to buy it for me (and I know the condition is that I need to share it, which I did naman). What can I say, I love love love it! It is a cheaper alternative to my fave Andes chocolate. When LBB and I were in Unimart yesterday, he reminded me to look for this. Of course it’s cheaper (by 11 pesos!) so we bought three boxes! Each box has nine pieces. You bet I’m gonna savor these within the next few days :)


Admin said...

Sure kang masarap ha. Try ko next time mag-grocery kami. Pag hindi ko nagustuhan, padala ko sa iyo. Haha!

Kaje said...

i'll take it anytime mare! LOL

jennyL said...

uy sana kagabi mo pa post to hehe nag grocery ako kanina naka bili sana.. masarap nga to ha pag hindi bigay ko sa yo hehe


Kaje said...

overloaded with chores and errands kahapon kaya hindi ko napost, tska ginawa kong interim :)

Butchay said...

mukhang masarap yan ah!!! :)

btw may tag ako for you:

tsaka favor paki update na rin ng url ko hehe na sha. thanks