Part Two that I almost forgot to write :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes I was putting it off for the longest time! And then I got into my scrapping frenzy last week and I “forced” myself to finish the story, LOL! This however is not as detailed as the FIRST PART, but the important parts (at least to me) are noted. The text below is the journal I wrote in one of my layouts. Click the picture and it will lead you to my Flickr gallery (and the credits) :)


LO70Recovering I was wheeled to the recovery room after about two hours from the time Klaire was delivered. There they brought Abi to me to latch. Abi was a natural! Her hair wasn’t washed yet but she looked so adorable. I was wheeled to my room half past midnight of the 31st where Ane & Mommy were waiting. I had the urge to throw up (which also happened while I was still in the DR) and the nurses said it was normal. I was told to lie low and to not take anything by mouth for at least 6 hours. Mom had to wipe my lips with cotton soaked in cold water. By three am, I was complaining to the nurse that I was already thirsty and she allowed me to sip little water when I need to. By dawn, I already passed gas several times, which I found later on to be an important sign. I also started to get itchy all over. In the morning, Dr. Mike the Anesthesiologist explained that the itchy feeling is caused by the numbing med and when the itching is gone, the pain will surface. Ugh. Anyway, the pain turned out to be something I can pretty much tolerate with my high threshold. I didn’t sleep well though that night because the nurses would visit me every three hours.

We planned on rooming Abi in but because of the emergency CS, she had to stay in the nursery for 24 hours as a hospital SOP. She wasn’t available for viewing yet I was allowed to visit her anytime in the nursery. But a catheter was attached to me and no one hinted that I could visit despite the addition (plus I was feeling too sloppy in my lower half!). Anyway, having Abi stay in the nursery was also good to prevent her from getting germs from the well-wishers. I gave birth on a weekend, and surely, there were a lot of visitors!

Although we  missed Klaire already, I took that opportunity to recover fast.  I only contented myself with the pictures Ane took inside the DR. By Saturday night, the catheter was already removed and I could stand and walk already.  I even insisted to freshen up alone and save the midwife the trouble but she stayed on and gave me a sponge bath in the washroom. They were all amazed by how fast I was recovering! They all had to remind me that I was newly stitched and I should not stress myself too much!

Everybody was so sweet, entertaining me and all. But the greatest reward of all, is of course seeing our little Abi in the Nursery, feeling her and knowing in my heart that she knows it’s her Mommy holding her :) Could not wait to bring her home!


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