Meet Robin

Thursday, July 09, 2009



Even before Klaire was born, I was telling Ane we should get a point and shoot camera. I thought after the baby is out, I will be too lazy to bring our cameras around and take pictures. See we used to have a DLSR (which we still have yet already upgraded) and a prosumer camera (a Lumix) which is as heavy & bulky  as an entry-level DLSR. Ane said we should sell first the Lumix before we buy a p&s, because surely, we don’t need three cameras, right? I was apprehensive because I worked for that Lumix and I got kinda sentimental letting it go. But Ane knocked sense into my head and our dear Lumix was gone to a new owner sooner than I thought. With the proceeds, I still cannot afford a high-end p&s so we had to scout in the malls and in the net for good buys.


Out of the blue one day, I asked my BIL if someone is coming home anytime soon. Lo, a cousin and his family are RP bound in a few weeks! If not for the logistics, Robin would have been home three weeks ago. Patience is a virtue they say, and cousin’s wife will just follow the family end of July. With the shipping details and how we could send the money abroad all cleared, we just waited for the right time to order. Was also thinking we could wait for the Fourth of July, there just might be a sale on cameras. Only we (or I) didn’t wait. One week after we are settled with the brand and where to buy and everything else, the price dropped $20 cheaper! I sent the money via WU the next day and BIL ordered my camera once he got the money :)


There. Meet ROBIN modeled by my fave nephew Joaquin. Robin is still in his US foster home and will be truly home soon! Yay! We named him Robin after the tennis player Soderling who beat Nadal in the French Open Semi-Finals. He lost to Federer, though in the Finals 2009. But who cares? I find him cute! LOL!


ps. The same model is sold here in the country at least twice as much. We actually saved more than $200USD! Double yay!


Mhelskie said...

3rd round lang ata natalo si Nadal