Hate is such a strong word.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I don’t know how many times I’ve said it but hate is really a strong word.


Last night, we took a late trip to Shangri-la mall because Mom needs some make-up. Since this is one of the malls that is less crowded, we brought Abi with us (yes, the AH1N1 paranoia that I have is lifted but we’re still being careful). When she was done shopping, she invited us for some snacks in Via Mare. We had to exit through the main mall door to get to the restaurant. Just before we exited the big revolving door, I noticed some teenagers smoking  and standing where we were going to walk by. Cigarette smoke is number one in my pet peeves list and being the protective mom that I am, I covered Abi’s face (Abi was comfy in her sling) and walked faster, Ane by my side. It was too late for me to notice that one of the girls said hi to little Klaire and found her cute. It was too late to smile back, my concern was really to avoid the smoke.


Then Mommy heard the girl say “I hate them,” with a flat tone and giving us the look.


Now, I know I can get really snobby at times but I will stick to my reasoning that sometimes I am just misunderstood. I have a tendency to become anti-social, but my friends know better.


I actually should not let that short encounter bother me, and I didn’t owe the girl an apology or explanation. I was affected, yes, because I feel bad that I was not able to at least smile back. Maybe when the girl becomes a mommy herself, she will understand :)


Now that I’ve said my piece, I am letting it go :)