I feel good, tananana! :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I had blood extracted from me last Wednesday for my follow-up blood test to check my cholesterol. Then this afternoon I went to get the results and consult with the Internist again. I said a few posts down that my blood pressure has normalized and never shot up again after I started taking the meds. Well, my doctor happily confirmed that my BP is controlled and that the meds are working for me! And my cholesterol level significantly dropped and I am now in the safe zone. Yeah! Yeah! The Lipitor dosage is lowered, which means less pouch to the pockets, and I will have to have my blood tested again by September.

See, I told you I’m gonna be good and follow the doctors’ orders! :) My only health concern now is my weight. I forgot to discuss with the doctor today about  diet pills or whether I need to take some to shed pounds. And maybe I should arrange going back to the gym!

For now, let me celebrate! :)