You’re fat!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ane, I just finished doing some collages of our pictures from our 2007 trip. I enjoyed looking at the pictures but I can’t help but notice how much weight you’ve put on since then. Is it really just 10 pounds you gained? Please say the pictures are just lying hehe. You know we’re not getting any younger, I bet you still want to walk Abi down the aisle when she decides to marry right? You better watch what you eat and lose weight! Don’t wait until the doctor prescribes you with weight loss pills because that just might mean you’re hopeless :)

You know I love you,


xoxo :)


Mhelskie said...

duhhh, ginawa pa kong dahilan para may magawang ad tsk. ayaw mo kse ako payagang mag badminton 3X a week e, 2X lang :(

Kaje said...

bigyan kita ng honorarium, you like? hay nako, totooo pa rin sinabi ko dyan! magdiet ka LOL! Walang epek ang laro kung hindi mo babawasan kain mo hahaha

Mhelskie said...

anong honorarium?

d na ata mababawasan pagkain ko ehehe, mas madali kung dadagdagan ung play time sa badminton ^_^

Kaje said...

it means I will give a a small fee for "appearing" in this blog LOL!

okay lang..sige go ahead, dagdagan mo playing time mo and lose more precious time with your daughter. hmmmm...