Shoes, and more shoes!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I admit I am more of a shoe-girl than a bag-girl. I honestly am too lazy to change bags all the time, that I only use one bag in two or three years (on average, huh). I have lots of bags [not designer bags at all, if I may add teehee] that are unused (I think I should start giving them away!). But since I left the corporate world 7 years ago, my interest in shoes also dwindled. And the desire to try heels again is creeping back in my system. Uh-oh.


So I found myself browsing in Shopwiki! It is always nice to browse in this website. Not only will they help you find the perfect product, they will guide you in getting the perfect shoes for the right occasion. Like for instance, I just found out that I chose the perfect height of heels for my wedding shoes. I was clueless then, now I know better (not that I am getting married again soon, LOL!). And then I realized I might need new training/running shoes (when I decide to play and go to the gym again) and sneakers (just because! haha!) And I got carried away because, what do you know, I went surfing for golf and bike shoes too! As if I’m really dragging my lazy a$$ to work-out soon. Hmp :)


To buy or not to buy new pairs of shoes? That is the question!