Change is good, right?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

I have yet to accept that again.


Our Klaire is already five months old. We now have Aiza to look after her in case Ane and I both need to be out of the house. I can say we (or at least I am) are already settling. I’ve been planning to go back playing (and to go back to the gym and work-out).


But I received some news that there might be nothing to return to anymore. When I thought of playing again, my fear was that I already lost the little badminton skills that I have. Now there is a bigger fear, that I might have to build new relationships again in another court. I have issues with myself when it comes to being friendly with new people and I am so comfortable with the E’s already (read: 6 years of togetherness!!) that I can’t imagine spending Saturdays with people I barely know.


Well. Maybe I will not play ever again?!? Besides, Ane will have to buy me new playing clothes, a new pair of shoes and a racket should I decide to play again, haha.


Change is good. I shall keep that in mind.


p.s. E’s!!!! We should get together soon! Mae has a surprise for you all! ;p


Mae said...

get together!!!!

Mhelskie said...

mag cheer ka na lang kay klaire pag nagbadminton na sya wehehehe