Advertising works ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

On me, sometimes :) So this Buco-Melon flavored ice cream commercial with the comedienne playing multiple roles started showing on TV. And I could not stop thinking about it I kept bugging Ane to buy me some. He didn’t budge until one evening he surprised me by taking the tub out of the freezer after eating dinner! And yes this is after the M&M’s episode that I had to wonder what my husband needs for surprising me too often, LOL!

So we tasted the ice cream…and didn’t like it. Hmp! It was too sweet for us and we were hoping there would be Buco and Melon chunks. And on day two we had to point fingers at one another, who will finish the entire thing, LOL!

Lesson: never let advertising get you, LOL!


Mae said...

i miss pinoy commercials... :(
can someone record some for me?? HAHAHAHA!!!