Sometimes it is legally prescribed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

In this part of the world, cannabis is taboo &  illegal. We see news about its abuse and how the authorities would raid suspected landowners who plant it.  But in some parts of the United States, it is actually legally prescribed in some cases, thus called Medical Marijuana. That is shocking to know but then again it is considered an herbal plant that can cure some sickness. There is a debate that is going on about its effectiveness. There is however, a need for information dissemination so people are properly informed. Others claim that this plant will help ease insomnia, asthma and glaucoma. One thing should be remembered, though: it may be effective but legal and prescribed users should not depend fully on it because it is still an addictive substance.


Mae said...

well.. remember my ex in CA? with an ID and prescription, yup, you're a "legal" user... he is.

Kaje said...

yep I actually remembered him when I needed to write about it. kaya lang nahiya ako sa iyo na banggitin dito yun heheh :D

Mae said...

nyak haha! oks lang yun! basta walang aatake na kung sino hahaha!