Appreciate the Little Things

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I would like to share a screen cap of my FB yesterday, so I will also get to keep this in my memory chest:


See, when Ane arrived from work, I jokingly asked him if there’s anything he brought home for me. I would ask him for pasalubong every now and then but there are days that I would “test” him. He didn’t answer. He simply looked inside his bag and then handed me a small bag of M&M’s! He actually had something for me. Although he was honest enough to say that he didn’t buy the pack, I appreciate that he remembered me. I love chocolates but I avoid them as much as I can because they give me headaches. And coming from Ane, who is strict about things like that, it was a pleasant surprise.

I honestly felt like a teenager whose crush suddenly noticed her! After this screen cap, my cousin in law Sheila said Ane is lucky to have a wifey who is appreciative of even the littlest things :D Well, I believe that little surprises spice up a marriage, and I think that is healthy :)


Mae said...

kileeeeg!!! namiss ko tuloy lalo kiligin.. hahahaha!!!

Kaje said...

syet binasa ko ulit itong post na ito, ang cheesy pala wahahahah di bale minsan lang naman LOL

Admin said...

Honga! Cheesey!! Pero cute and I love it. :) Thanks for reminding us to be grateful even for the *little things* because they are the big things!

Beng said...

kainggit naman.... sweet naman pala si mhel

Kaje said...

@zanne - welcome :)

@beng - may tinatagong sweetness si mhel, di lang halata LOL