Ready, Set, Bed!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Yes, at this time, a few minutes before 9pm, I am so ready for bed. My day was uber busy.

Went to the Market with Ane before 7am.

Bank at 9am.

Grocery shopping with Ane and Little Abi before 11am (Fixed my GCash  & DQ treat though before going home).

Lunch at home and I tried to finish the last article in my batch of tasks. Jollibee merienda in between and a bit of chitchat with Mom who didn’t brave the Bulacan flood (and decided to stay here instead). Submitted my articles at 445pm. They were due at 5pm! LOL!

Drove for Mom to her designer’s shop. It was stressful especially that 1) it was raining, 2) it was dusk, which is the worst time of the day to drive, too much stress on the eyes, and 3) it was the first time I drove with Klaire as my passenger in her carseat!

Got home, had dinner and went up to our room when Mom announced she’s going to bed already. They have an early trip (read 2am) tomorrow!

I opened my Photoshop hoping I could scrap but my head is already spinning. Did I say I slept already past 1am this morning?!


Uh-huh, I am so ready to hit the sack. But my energizer bunny named Abi has other plans I guess. I think I’m going to just hang out with her and we’ll watch TV while waiting for Ane to come home from his games.

I’m out now :) Good night world!!