Yay for Abi!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I just finished feeding little Abi her dinner. I am glad to announce that she finished the whole bowl that I prepared for her! Yay! I have been worrying about her eating habits for the past week. It doesn’t matter that she still doesn’t want to eat homemade solids, what’s important is that she ate a lot tonight :) It is either she really loves bananas or she’s hungry LOL! Anyway, that is a smilestone for me and I hope she will start eating a lot again :)

Oh! And we figured that she eats better when tv commercials are being shown, hehe.


Mich said...

kaje, baka naninibago lang...ginagawa mo ba yung 3 days bago magbigay ng bagong food?

gawin ko nga din yung apple juice for andie. wla pa syang na-tatry kahit isang juice LOL!