Volunteers for a few hours…

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When I started seeing the images of the damages made by Typhoon Ondoy and seeing the calls for volunteers in different centers, I knew in my heart that I wanted to help. But I could not decide just yet. I was in fear something might happen again and I don’t want to be caught away from home, away from Little Abi. But I also knew that I will regret it if I don’t do anything.

This morning I could not resist the call anymore. Our Badminton friend Rina posted in FB something about buying biscuits and cookies at factory price and the store is just five minutes away from home. I asked Ane if there is some money we can spare. I also asked my brother if we have any extra from the household budget. We only had p2k (<$40) and I was bent on spending all to buy biscuits. Then I got a message from kumareng Mae, and she sent me money right away. It is money she gathered from friends for our supposed Christmas Charity project. It is money I never expected to get hold of at this time. But it came.

I knew then that we have to go, donate the goods and volunteer today. God sent a way to push us out of the house! And we’re doing it again tomorrow.

In this time of trials, the Filipinos are working together to put back the pieces. Mabuhay ka Pinoy! Can you see the Philippine Flag here?


These are the packed rice from the 200 cavans of rice from an anonymous donor. Truly, God is so good!


p.s. I will write a longer entry to share our experience. But I need to rest tonight, because tomorrow will be a long day. :)