Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yes, I still am. I needed to read on paid web directory for a client but I cannot seem to concentrate on work. All I know is that this is more effective than the free ones. And it is worth getting into it to have your site recognized right away.

Anyway, we (Gi and I) went to volunteer again at Megatent this afternoon. We brought the remaining biscuits we bought from the money sent by Mae. The center was overmanned when we got there at 330pm – a lot of volunteers were just hanging out and had nothing to do. When we inquired we were told there is shifting already and the next one is at 6pm. But we decided to stay put which was a good idea because around 430pm, the packing assembly line started and we were able to help :)

Again, I will write a better entry. I had a long day (as expected) and I need to recharge :)