Bed Weather

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Today is the perfect bed weather. How nice it is to just snuggle under the sheets and watch TV all day. Oh well, that thought stalled me today. At 630pm, I am just about to start working on my articles tasks that are due 5pm tomorrow (Oh where did time go? I feel I just woke up from last night’s sleep LOL!) . Sure I still have about 24hours to work on three more articles (I finished two last night) but I just realized that tomorrow is grocery and market day so I’ll probably be out the whole morning and may extend until early afternoon. Uh-oh. LOL!

Got to work on the tasks now! :) TTYL!

p.s. But I don’t consider today as unproductive because I got to spend QT with Abi and I finished a spread for Abi’s first six months photo book (13 more to go!!). Weeee! :)