Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I planned to blog tonight but I find myself drained of energy. I was in bed by 1am, then Abi asked for milk at 3 and 5am (yes, she had a rough night too). I had to be up by 6am but snoozed until 615am. By 7am, Ane and I were already out. I had my blood extraction scheduled today to monitor my cholesterol. I was fasting since 915pm last night.

So yes, I was tired, hungry and sleepy. Good thing, Ane agreed to accompany me to the hospital. I wouldn’t know how I could drive and go by myself! We were back home a before ten am, morning rush traffic sucks! If I still have the energy, I will go see my Internist this week and show her the test result.

Then we brought Abi to her Pedia for the well-baby check-up this afternoon. Since yesterday was a holiday, there are a lot of other patients. We were already number 5 when we got there even if we were still early! Abi was a trooper. I’ll post about the visit in the coming days.

I am really just dropping by tonight. I need to recharge! Good night world!