Dear Mamita :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here is my wishlist for this year’s Bebots’ Exchange of Gifts. I missed it last year because we were preparing for the coming of Little Klaire, so I am hoping you will make it extra special for me :) Weeeee!!

1) I fell in love at first sight with this pair of Grendha sandals this afternoon. I saw this in SM Department Store (Cubao) but the saleslady said it is available in other branches, too :)

DSC00236 DSC00237 The color is black and when I fit it in my size, a seven, I was in heaven! (wow, that rhymes, LOL!)


2) This got bumped off from number one this afternoon: A Rootote! These are my choices, in order: North Pole, Festival, White, or Succee  :)

3) Books: Diary of A Wimpy Kid – available in Fully Booked (in store and online). There are four books :) 


4) Etsy Stuff: Bookmarks – Horse, Snake and Ox. This is a bit over the budget, I am willing to shoulder the extra :)

5) Flickr Renewal :)


If my Mamita is from abroad and you really like to make me ecstatic by giving me my first choice (wink!) please do not hesitate to send me the money to buy it. It is cheaper than the budget and it will save you shipping (nux!)


Thank you!!!



Baby Kaje :)