Klaire’s Seventh Month Update

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Abi turned seven months on August 30. Here is her picture with Sissy this month:

abisissy7thWatch Abi grow! Clicking on the picture will lead you to the Flickr set :) I honestly thought we’d end up doing this pictorial only until month 6. Days before her birthday, Abi showed signs of being scared of Sissy. She would look at Sissy, frown, and eventually cry. I am glad it was just a phase and we could go on doing this project until she reaches one.

During her well-baby check-up a few days before the 30th, her weight was recorded at 6.8kilos, 500grams more from the last check-up. It was a significant gain but I was hoping she gained more than that. She is still within the average bracket, and for that I am grateful. Abi is not a sickly baby and that is something to be really happy about. :) She had her first anti-meningitis vaccine shot, and took it really well. She cried but stopped the minute we stepped out of the doctor’s office. She still recognized her doctor and would not let him touch her! What an attitude, LOL! The doctor found it cute that she remembers him, hehe. She was given the A-ok stamp and the doctor reminded us that we may have her ears pierced already yey! I’m thinking if it is safe to bring her to TMC or have my lola do it. (Mommy, if you are reading this, can you please ask Lola Zeny if she can do this for Abi and where to get the hypo-allergenic earrings? Hehe Thanks!). We also asked the doctor if Abi can already go swimming, and were given the go-signal, but will have to check about the pool treatment. Well, the Daddy has been dying to dip in the pool for the longest time and he wanted Abi to go with him. We need to buy pool diapers first, though (and a swimsuit!).

Abi’s eating habit is worrying me now. She prefers Cerelac and Gerber versus homemade solids. I’ve tried many times over to feed her homemade stuff but she would cry her heart out when I feed her. Then she would gag herself and eventually vomits the little food she has swallowed. It’s ironic that she loves bananas, well whole ones, but the minute I mash it and feed it to her, she would refuse to eat! She now sips water from the cup, but still refuse if it’s juice. Sigh. I think I am raising a picky eater! :(

She has turned into a Mommy’s girl. She cries when she doesn’t see me, wouldn’t drink her milk and eat her food if it’s not me. It’s gotten too bad that I cannot leave her with the Daddy anymore! I hope this shall pass. I am not complaining but if you cannot go and pee for even a minute, you’ll understand, hihi. I am glad though that Aiza is here to assist me. Aside from me, it’s she who can pacify the princess.

She sleeps through the night but goes to bed really late. She sleeps around midnight, wakes up around 6am for milk, then sleeps again until 9 or 10am. I ready her for her lunch and bath, then naps around 3pm. Dinner at 6pm.

She now crawls fast enough that I just cannot leave her on the bed for one second! She also discovered she can stand already! This little girl is giving me a heart attack! She realized she could already go over the pillows around her, so I added some more. That only encouraged her to stand! She stands more than she sits, hehe, quite funny. She can now do high-fives and kuyakoy; still loves to read. Playtime is never dull for her, she laughs a lot! She now appreciates children’s shows, particularly Hi-5 and Yo Gabba Gabba (well, I need to look for the new schedule!). She stops with whatever she’s doing when commercials are being shown on tv. She likes commercials of shampoo; she squeals in delight when she sees flowing hair. Her favorite commercial is the Palmolive Fashion Girl commercial :)

Our little Abi loves to sing :) She sings (more like humming) with me. Her favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Have Two Hands, and not quite surprising, A Whole New World :) She stops when I stop, then she will flash a smile and that cracks us up! At times, I would think she’s being cranky when I hear her do “haa hooo hiii mmmm” but when I look at her and her brows aren’t crinkled, that means she’s singing to herself :) She also prays along during bedtime.

She “owns” our TV remote. We need to “borrow” it from her when we want the channel changed! LOL! She also grabs our mobile phones when the backlight is on. Otherwise, she’d leave them alone. She loves looking at people pictures, on the pc monitor or the cameras’ LCD. I think she really loves looking at faces. She observes us when we use the PC and Santino (the lappy). She has realized that tapping on the keyboard will result to something that happens on the monitor. So when we allow her to play with the keyboard sometimes, we would notice that she would tap tap tap on the keyboard and gaze at the monitor! So cute! I am thinking we should get her her own keyboard but will probably get bored if nothing happens so a monitor should come with the keyboard too, and of course a CPU! LOL! Ane faints at this thought, wahahaha! We have a techie daughter!!

Anyway, I am sharing two of her birthday pictures here:



After our lunch in GH, we just ordered a cake and stayed home for the rest of the day.

That ends this really long post :) I hope I did not forget anything! Click here to see the rest of the August pictures :)


Balitang Campus said...

Loooove these photos!! Ang laki-laki na nya!!

Avenue Junkie said...

She's getting more adorable everyday, ang laman na nya. See Kaje! I love the headband too! Bagay kay Abi.

Faye said...

yey! lapit na bday ni Abi :) excited si Mommy Kaje :) ang cute ng ang headband ni Abi, girly girly :)