Still Here.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

I have done some major slacking in this blog, I know. My art blog is updated everyday, though, for almost two weeks now. Yes everyday! :) I did a little experiment and I am happy to announce that I am seeing the results now, yey!


Aside from that, I am extremely busy and I feel I need to step back and rest. Or at least, manage my time better (read: decrease unnecessary net surfing!). It is almost noon here and I still feel lethargic even if I woke up at 10am (I planned to be up by 8am but could not!). If I keep this kind of schedule I just might break out and will need the best acne treatment! And maybe I should also take hubby’s advice to take some vitamin E so my body can take all the stress. But I am not complaining okay?! :) I just feel really tired.


See, I was hired to write articles. This time, I see it as a continuous work where the is no need for me to literally hunt. I was hired late last week, and so far I have written 10 420ish word articles and a new batch of assignment was sent in last night (and I thought I could scrap all day today hah!).


Ok, ok. I planned to upload Abi’s August pictures today and write that monthly update. I tell you, my daughter is even more adorable these days!! :) Stay tuned!


Mae said...

i agree... take vit E!