News today.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is, among others:



Political war/s.

Hollywood death.

Surprise US Open win.

Showbiz accident.

Volcano acting up.


Really the news can get tiring. There is so much to blog about but because there are just too many topics to choose from, I am at a loss for words. LOL, loser! LOL!

Oh, oh, oh! This is newsworthy:  I helped clean our room and I got to throw a lot of stuff! Yay!!Still nesting when the baby is already seven months old?!!? Weeee!! And then a calorie-overloaded merienda afterwards! We had McDo food delivered. I had Fillet o’ Fish Meal and a caramel sundae.


So if this post doesn’t make sense, it is because I  am: a) tired and sleepy, b) too full in the stomach, c) overloaded with sugar, or d) all of the above. LOL!


p.s. And and and!!! Abi got new clips from the US sent in by cousin Didith! Yipeee!


Mae said...

caramel sundae!!!!

ey! anong volcano (lazy to read the news)?

Kaje said...

mare, Mayon. Alert level 2 yata sa albay now eh