Health Update

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I cannot find the energy to blog. I am sad and worried. This typhoon is crazy and does not show signs of letting up anytime soon! But I need to blog about my health, before I forget!

So I went back to the hospital to get my blood test results and to see my Internist yesterday. Ane drove for me and even treated me at Starbucks :)

Yay for me!!

My levels are now all normal and my BP never shot up again. Thanks to the maintenance medications. I am to continue with the meds and I will have a blood test again in December for monitoring. I hope this will continue.

That’s it. I am keeping an eye on the news while I try to work!


Jane said...

Yey Kaje, keep it up!!

Admin said...

Yey for the good news!