Andie’s First Birthday Party

Monday, November 23, 2009


Abi was invited to another birthday party. This time, it was the first birthday party of Mich’s second daughter, Andie. It was held on Saturday in VV6, Pasig. The theme was sunflowers and lady bugs. Such a cute theme! Andie came in her lady bug costume which made her even more adorable :) DSC_0935

The invite said it will start at 3pm so by 230pm, we were ready to go! We got there early, and there were still only a few guests who arrived. We had a lot of time to take pictures and I am guessing Klaire got tired from all those posing, LOL! We helped ourselves to some fries by Potato Corner and Ice Cream by FIC. Abi’s too young to enjoy the Inflatable Play Area and the Mini Carousel. But I think she enjoyed the colors that she saw, and all those kids running around!

The party host was Alex Lagula and he did a good job keeping the kids’ attention. Abi scored a toy mobile phone during the bring me contest with the help of Daddy :D And I was able to grab a balloon from the balloon burst. Now I do not know if the balloon I got is for someone else because I saw it on the foot of one of the ladies and promptly grabbed it, LOL! Stage Mommy in the making, eh?!

The highlights of the day would be bringing home a lady bug nail cutter (attached to the loot bucket) and one of the two big lady bug mylar balloons from the stage :)

Thanks Mich and Marlon for having us! :)


Mich said...

thanks ulit for coming! :)