New Moon

Monday, November 23, 2009

I honestly did not expect I’d be able to watch it on the first day. A lot has happened the past week that all my hopes faded right away. I really though I’d get behind everyone else. But come Thursday early evening, there was a window of opportunity that I instantly ran to Promenade to get us tickets! Yes, I caught the movie on the first day with Ane, brother R and A.

We were running late for the 420pm showing that we left the boys to park the car while we buy us snacks. Outside the theater, it was full of high school girls (and boys) that I knew we’re in for a ride. I was correct. The audience was too hyper to the point of getting all the older ones (like us, LOL!) really annoyed because of the noise totally unrelated to the movie! But I ooohhed and ahhhhed and squealed with the rest, as if on cue. Hehe.


Now I did not re-read the book before watching but I am satisfied with the movie, as I remember the book. I expected that Jacob will shine in this episode, and he did not disappoint. Just look at those abs! I liked him better when he got a haircut, I find clean looking men really sexy :)

Bella is Bella – sweet, beautiful and boring in the sense that her emotions are not really shown. Is it the character or simply how Kristen portrayed the role? Hmmm. From the very beginning, I see Bella as someone who cannot express her emotions.

And Edward? It’s always been him :) So even if Jacob outshone him in this movie (which is how it should be), my heart belongs to the cold vegetarian :)

I want to watch Twilight and this one over again. And I am going to borrow the books again so I can relive the words :)


Aggie said...

Kinikilig akooooo! :D :D :D :D