Fight those fats!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I came across an interesting article by Veronica Byrd on Shine via Yahoo. She said that there are foods that are good fat fighters. See, I told you, it’s interesting! :) She listed eight items and I am sharing them with you:

  1. Almonds. These are high in alpha-linolenic acid that helps speed up the metabolism of fats. This makes me smile because I love love almonds!
  2. Berries. These fruits, strawberries and raspberries for instance can burn up to 30 percent  more fats during exercise. There’s the keyword, exercise, LOL!
  3. Cinnamon. Having this on your food may avoid the insulin spike that usually happens after a meal when the brain signals the body to store fat rather than burn it. Oatmeal, yogurt and coffee are best partners.
  4. Mustard. This can slow down the growth of fat tissues.
  5. Soy Beans. These beans are rich in choline which is a compound known to stop fat absorption and are able to break down fatty deposits.
  6. Sweet Potatoes. These are high in fiber that will stop drastic insulin jumps. Just beware of the passing gas afterwards, LOL!
  7. Oranges. This citrus yummy contains flavones which are known fat-torching compounds.
  8. Swiss cheese. There is a study that says food rich in calcium helps reduce fat-producing enzymes and hastens fat breakdown.

So the next time you re-stock your pantry, think of these items while in the grocery. Or better yet, include them in your list!