Then and Now

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I had this idea to have Ane take my picture on the same spot, one year apart. Here’s why:


See what happened within a year?! When last year we were mere spectators in the Halloween Party, this year we were already a part of it, and got loots to boot  :) It is amazing how fast time passed by. Before I know it, Klaire will be a year old!


Mich said...

how time flies talga! di mo mamamalayan, dalagindings na sila :)

Mai said...

bukas may boyfriend na siya!

Mae said...

hahaha!lumabas lang si Klaire.. yung body built mo same hehe galeng!

Kaje said...

@ mich and mai - ambilis bilis nga!! sama sama ang bebot kids na gigimik!

@mae - the picture is deceiving, pwamis! LOL!