Klaire: 9 Months

Monday, November 09, 2009

Long overdue post!

Little Klaire turned nine months old on 30 October.


Watch her grow!

Mom was here in time for the little celebration so we had more than the cake for the celebration :) Badong bought a cake from Conti’s and we had some Miki-Bihon and Chicken delivered from Savory. Then later in the night, we decided to get some ice cream, too :)

At nine months, she is 300 grams short on weight but her Pedia said that is normal especially that she got colds and coughs a few days before the weigh-in and her appetite was really low. There is no cause for worry because she's healthy, active and sleeps well at night. She was given the go-signal to eat table food.

I think she has already gained weight as of this writing because she got all excited eating table food! She would eat three times a day with snacks of crackers and juice in between. She doesn't have teeth yet, though. My cousin who is a dentist advised that I can help those cutters come out by massaging the gums with a toothbrush. See, Abi is not too fond of teething toys, she's rather play with Mareng Minnie, her books and even just plastic bags and wrappers!

She has become one active baby. She can now stand on her own and holds it for more than 20 seconds, even dances when her balance is good. She refuses to stand though on hard surfaces, she's too coward for that yet. She crawls and lunges fast and covers the bed in a second. She likes watching people, gets awed when she sees them walk around. However, when she's given attention by people she doesn't know, she gets cranky and shoos them away with her hand. She smiles and laughs a lot and loves her picture taken. But she loves it more when she sees herself in the camera monitor or the computer.

She has learned to manipulate us by screaming and crying when there is something that she wants. Believe me, it can get really frustrating! Such a personality! She demands for me or for Aiza most of the time, and just wants to be carried.

We had her ears pierced and her hair is getting thicker and longer. She gets all red when it is hot, just look at those rashes on the face (ugh!). And she's still a nice target for bugs even if we clean the room and house and spray her with anti-bug solution.

She wakes up around 10am, naps throughout the day for thirty minutes and sleeps at night around midnight. She asks for milk once in the middle of the night but falls asleep right away.

She experienced her first Trick or Treat activity here in the compound and I think she enjoyed seeing all those kids.

Here are the pictures for the month of October.

I hope I did not forget anything! Years later I know I will check this blog and remember how our Little Klaire is progressing. :)