My Brother’s Offender

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I was getting ready to work just before lunch today when we received a call from my youngest sib. He was at some police station because he caught someone taking his mobile phone from his pocket at the MRT!

offenderWe are just grateful that my brother did not get hurt and was in the right mind to just ask the station guard for help! The phone was not recovered though, because this person was able to pass the phone on to his accomplice who was left behind inside the train when he alighted (and my brother followed him). This man confessed to the crime.

To teach this person a lesson, we filed a qualified theft case against him at the Fiscal’s office. He will be in jail until he is able to pay the bail and we will just wait for the court to summon my brother for the hearings. I know this will hassle us, especially G (he still has to attend school you know) but we figured we want to make a point and let this person know that he can’t get away from this that easily.

The justice system in this country is so slow that the thieves are encouraged to do these crimes. They feel that they won’t spend that much time in jail anyway because after they have bailed out, the hearings can go on forever and they can continue doing their activities while on temporary freedom! This is also why a lot of victims do not bother anymore because they know nothing will come out of it anyway, too.

We put this person in jail, although temporary, not because we are fighting to get the phone back or let him pay for the loss. We are fighting for principles and showing this person that you cannot mess with this family and that stealing is simply wrong. While we all work to have a decent living and provide for our needs and wants, other people violate that by taking things they do not deserve.

It is the Christmas season and the national elections will be next year. Crime rates increase during these times, this is a fact. Be safe and attentive, you all!   


Mae said...

oh my...

Vera said...

It's good na nahuli sya. I heard though na sobrang laking hassle for the complainant kapag pinaabot sa hearing ang mga ganitong kaso. I hope your brother stays the course para di isipin ng mga sindikatong ganito na madali lang lusutan ang ginagawa nila.