You can ask Me!

Friday, November 27, 2009

The husband and the brothers would often tease me that I was a cab driver in my past life. This is only because I can point directions and say where the best route is. Most of the time, I am correct. Yes even when going to a place I’ve only been to once. But there are times that I need to consult the map or sometimes I am put on the spot, in the car already, when I need to quickly say where to go. I do not mind but I get kinda yelled at when I confuse my left with my right. LOL! Did I just confess I am a moron?!?! LOL! You know, when I know in my head where exactly we need to go yet my mouth says otherwise?! I think I need to get the husband his own gps. Well, at least the talking lady in the machine will never snap back, right?! :)