Yellow Cub

Monday, November 02, 2009

Since I can’t find the right organized thoughts to type, I am sharing this picture as a teaser:


K attended her first ever Halloween/Trick or Treat Party in our community. Look how cute she is! I am going over all the photos from the last three days and I hope to upload them in the days to come. I was busy during the previous days that my energy level is too low. But! I think I ate too much that if I don’t hit the gym again (must be soon!) I might have to take those fat burners instead!

Please watch out for more pictures and better blog entries! I leave you with this image of our little K with all her loots (that’s she’s not allowed to eat yet, LOL! Believe me, the Ninong was all excited to get them!):



espan said...

Chocnut please!

Kaje said...

wala siyang nakuhang chocnut, tayo lang yata nagpamigya nun hehehe