Something positive

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just the other day, someone left a message in my cbox in the other blog. She said “Keep in mind that speaking negative about someone will only in turn speak negative of you.” I had to contemplate it because it sounded vague. I also tried to remember if there was something about my posts that can get offensive. Well, I try to keep my posts positive and I do not blog if there is something that bothers me. Because I know that I will only type harsh words that I cannot take back once I get it published.

So paranoid as I am, I messaged the person and asked her if she can tell me where that came from. But alas, she said there is nothing wrong with my blog and that she just wanted to share a thought. Whew :)


espan said...

When I receive messages like that, I also contemplate whether I had offended anybody. Sometimes I become tactless in front of friends and children when we're in light moments but not in writing. Imagine, I receive minimum of 5 forwarded messages in a day and there are times when these bother me.