Dom’s Party

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dominique of Peachy and Gelo turned one year old and Abi was invited to attend the party in Makati on November 8. The set-up was very colorful and pretty, so fitting to the theme “Candy Land”. The set-up was so amazing that Abi gasped in appreciation the moment we entered the venue.

Mommy Peachy did a good job preparing for this party. The reactions on the kids’ faces cannot deny that. They had so much fun and I am sure they also enjoy all the loots they collected. The party was a hit for both kids and adults! Booths were Potato Corner and Champola. There was also a Starbucks booth and another booth for Mini Cupcakes by Sonja.

The entertainment was also special. I was pretty impressed by the balloon artist who twisted a basket of flowers for Abi :) The highlight of the day was the appearance Wanlu! Starstruck moment! :) I had fun watching him while Abi slept in my arms. Yes, she slept, LOL! She woke up in time for the bubble show but she got scared with the bubbles! I was worried she’d make a scene when it was our turn for the giant bubble, but she just observed what the girl was doing. Thanks, Litzie for this picture!

litz1 Thanks Peachy for having us! It was nice meeting you and your family :)


ps. This post reminds me that there is another party that I forgot to blog about, that of Jickie’s Jaqs’ Up Party! Let’s see if I get to blog about that too :)

pps. Dom’s party turned the hyper mode in my Party planning for K’s party in January! :D