McDonald’s Coke Glasses

Saturday, November 07, 2009


The first time Coke glasses were offered in McDo, we heard about it too late. We were not able to get any because it was already towards the end of the promo. This time around, I saw the ad in one of the blogs and was paying attention to tv commercials. I texted Ane right away the other day but the glasses are not available in the Greenhills branch. Finally yesterday, without even prompting the husband to drop by any McDo, he went home with two glasses! Weee! We now own the Green and Charcoal colored glasses (not plastic, unlike the first edition!). The quality is really nice, one that will probably not break too easily. The brand is Luminarc, which I think is a good brand. The colors are nice, too! You bet we’re going to collect all six! :)