I want my Bubbles!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

This morning, I had the chance to stroll in the mall without my loves. While it felt liberating to be alone, I started to miss them and got bored when my money ran out, LOL! I was there just to buy some stuff while Ane went to bring our laundry home. Poor Ane got stuck in traffic going there and coming back for me that you can just imagine what I needed to do to keep myself entertained! Until I got really tired and knew I had to sit down somewhere not too crowded.


I ended up at Bubble Tea! The last time I had my favorite Almond Milk Tea was before I got pregnant. That was ages ago! :D There were no other customers except for one person so going to this store was a good choice! I also ordered some Yaki Fry which had that weird aftertaste; Ane finished it for me. My milk tea was how I remembered it but the bubbles seemed like they should have been cooked a little more.