Saturday, November 14, 2009

Long overdue I know, but as I always say, I am posting this for my memory :)

We only confirmed that the Halloween party here would push through one week before October 31. We weren’t ready, we didn’t even have a costume for little K. We bought some candies and cookies for the loot bags. For the loot bags, I just bought some brown paper bags and accentuated  them with orange and black art paper. Too bad I was not able to take a better picture of the bags ready to be given away during the trick or treat.

For Abi’s costume, as you all know by now, we just bought a headband with tiger ears and wore it with her yellow dress. I am so glad that she was okay with something on her head :)

Like last year, we invited Tori over to join us. She arrived with her Mom and Dad, Lolo and Lola and Mamadz. We had a separate and small party at home! :) Mommy Ellen cooked some Ginataang Bilobilo, yummy!

The party at the clubhouse started with the pabitin for kids younger than two years old. I was able to grab some for Abi but my yellow cub got upset with all the noise!


Tori on the other hand got upset about another kid’s scary costume that we just decided to stay on the sidelines, by the pool and play ;)


While the rest of the kids ate merienda, we waited at home for the trick or treating to start. Ours is usually the second unit kids go to, so we know we won’t miss the call for house-hopping :) The boys played RockBand Beatles while we waited.


And then when the sun started to set, we heard the kids running outside. It was time to get loots! :) Mommy took care of giving away our loot bags while we went around to fill our bag!


We ended the day by sharing a nice dinner of Teriyaki Pork & Chicken and some buttered vegetables. It was a tiring yet fun day. We’ll do it again next year! :)