Am earning extra!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

At first I did not believe that I could actually earn extra money (in USD, which is a plus) while blogging. One of my online buddies actually earn more than she thought she could just by doing what she likes, writing. Even my Ane was having second thoughts about this. He's just afraid I could get scammed by the things I see on the web. While here in the US, I even opened a bank account with my sister just so I could sign-up for Paypal (which is the only system used to get paid).

And then I came across Bloggerwave. I received an email just before we left for LA that one of my posts has been approved! See I just wrote something about an advertiser (actually visited their site before I submitted my post) which took me less than an hour to compose and soon I will receive the payment. Easy! :) Go on over to the Bloggerwave site and see how you can start earning yourself!