Best time to buy books.

Monday, March 10, 2008

A few weeks ago, my friend MG shared how much she spent for 4 (or 5?) books at NBS. She paid less than half for everything. There's an ongoing sale at NBS and even if I have Barnes and Noble coupons, I wouldn't be needing those anymore. Not that the coupons may be used here, hehe. Anyway, that's how cheap the books are. My friends know I love books!

Hubby and I were at NBS Glorietta on Friday and I was itching to buy me books. I know I still have unread copies at home but for me, it is a natural high just being around books, you know? Hubby won't budge, firm on our current working budget, LOL! So yeah, we left the store with nothing but gift wrappers (for tomorrow's wedding) and a few mags.